Is your Android getting slower? That’s what you can do

Ugly ‘droid?

My friends often complain about their Android devices. The longer they use Android phones and tablets, the slower they are. Buy something with iOS, change to a Windows tablet and you will be happy – they say.

However I’d like to keep my Android tablets, I am happy with them, I like the system, apps, user experience. What’s more I’m going to use Virtualbox or something like this to install Android x86 on my PC… thanks to this project:

androidWell, as you see I’m pretty convinced to Android.


So let’s go to the main point… Is your Android getting slower?

On my quad-core ARM device I do not see any sign of getting slower.  So if you complain about you device perhaps it’s the device that is just slow, have been slow and will be even slower as apps tend to be more resource-hungry.

Consider changing it to something faster. Come on… it is not so expensive.

Keep it clean!

Having a quad-core device I have also installed some Avast application set (Choose the one you like, there are many similar apps in the Google Play store). Regular removing potential viruses, cleaning the system, cleaning the post-install mess, unwanted apps and data keeps my device fast and responsive.