5 clever money saving tips #1

Well, visiting this blog you surely expect some money saving tips. Today I’ll choose and translate some recent tips from my Polish blog. These tips are not only about saving money but also about health and lifestyle.


Author’s avocado.

1. Give up smoking. I know people smoking cigarettes worth over 500 PLN (ca. 120 Euro) a month, where one pack in Poland costs ca 12 PLN (ca. 4 Euro). I know this is extremely hard, but during your lifetime an average smoker wastes the sum of money equivalent to an apartment.

2. Eat less processed food and ready-made dishes (i.e. microwave dishes). You’ll stay healthy, you’ll save money. You’ll save your health ad this food contains a lot of chemicals.

3. Eat less meat and more vegetables and fruit. I am not a vegetarian, but I’d like to tell you that when eating more vegetables we feel healthier and spend less money. Vegetables are good when we want to loose extra kilograms. Vegetables are not so expensive as meat.

4. Enjoy sports, cycling and physical exercise. Stay strong and healthy – save on doctors. Cycling also saves your car’s fuel if you use it for commuting.

5. Learn how to cook, especially if you are a man. It is not as difficult as it seems and saves a lot of money. Restaurant bills tend to be high.

I am planning to continue this topic… so stay tuned.