Yard cups

One day in the late 1980’s when I traveled to the US I happened to come across an interesting product called a novelty yard cup.  I was at a small local amusement park in a rural area of southern Louisiana.  It was a typical southern Louisiana hot and humid summer day.  I saw a bunch of younger and older kids walking around the park with unusual to me at the time, plastic  cups filled with slush ice in a wide variety of colors.   These cups came in different sizes, some yard cups had caps of different colors.   Over the next few decades these  cups became more and more popular.   Now sold in basically every theme park, amusement park and water park in the world.  Novelty yard cups are a fun and exiting alternative to the regular plain plastic cup. 

Interestingly enough now 30 years later I work for a company which produces novelty slush yard cups.  We also sell our novelty slush cups at parks and even zoo’s.  Novelty slush yard cups have come a long way since then.  Today they are not made in different shapes and sizes, often these cups are made to resemble cartoon characters and superheroes. 


I’d never taught that a novelty yard cup that I saw soo many years ago in a amusement park in Louisiana would now be a part of my daily life as Im now constantly involved in novelty yard cup design and marketing.  Selling yard cups can at times be as much fun as drinking slush ice out of them.  So go to parks with your kids and enjoy the new and colorful slush yard cups.