How to save time? 10 time saving tips.

The phrase “Time is money”, used by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman, is still up to date. Today I would like to write about some tips and ideas on how to save your precious time. Here we go!

1. Try to do a few things at the same time. For example you can drive a car and listen to podcasts, educational records, language courses, etc. Thanks to that you can have more time i.e. for your family.

2. Plan your tasks. In order to plan your tasks effectively you do need any electronic device, it is enough to have an A4 sheet and a pencil! Planning is the necessary basis for saving time.

3.  Group your tasks. When I go to some office I try to do something useful in a place near the office or on the way.  For example I can visit some specialty and office supply shops near my Social Security Institution where I must go every month to report my employees’ salaries. It is very similar to the tip described in the point 1.

4. Focus. Set the hours when you are off-line. Is it possible to effectively deal with the matter if the phone rings, or an instant messaging icon blinks all the time? No. Spend some time without using the phone, network or the Internet. The Internet is a time eater.


As time goes by… slowly ;-)

5. Avoid obvious time-eaters. These above-mentioned messaging programs, Facebook, TV, on-line chats are some of the obvious time-eating activities, can you really afford it?

6. Deal with the backlog. Set yourself additional blocks of time to deal with the backlog. With the backlog it is just like with a bad credit or a loan, it “generates interest”. In this case the price is the extra time that you devote to minimize the negative effects of the backlog.

7. Discover your “quality time”. That is the period in which you are productive –  the time when one hour of your work is worth a less efficient 2h period. Try to use this time wisely. (For me, it is more or less the late afternoon).

8. Try to get enough sleep if you want to work hard. In less productive days do less productive activities such as dealing with the mess in your office.

9. Keep your job right both in terms of cleanliness and organization of work. Minimize, clean up, or get rid of a heap of newspapers from the previous month on the coffee table at all for something you needIs a collection of phone books from the years 2000-2010 on the shelf something needed in the internet age?

10. Make a backup of your work on the computer. Reconstruction of destroyed jobs, such as the ones cancelled accidentally costs a lot. Develop the habit of making copies of important documents.

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