How to save time? 10 time saving tips. Part 2.

Today I am going to continue the article about saving time. I hope you liked the previous post. If you have not read it – please visit this link:

How to save time? 10 time saving tips.

OK. Let’s start:

1. Delegate your duties things that you can easily outsource should be outsourced. Routine and tedious tasks can be delegated to someone else. Naturally in the context of professional work it is necessary to pay for these delegated activities. Avoid parasitic behaviour of the next point

2. Avoid people who delegate” responsibilities. Once during my college years I had anice” friend who liked to ask Remigiusz, are you going to photocopy something? Take my papers, by the way. Are you going to the supermarket? Buy the product X and Y for me. And so on… and so on… After some time, I began to avoid that friend her requests were just too frequent and annoying.

3. Avoid the notorious bores and gossips. That people which, for example catch you” in the street and do not want to let you go. They have to badmouth a whole circle of friends. It is worse if such a person comes suddenly and wants to drink afternoon tea with you – a day could be wasted. Learn how to refuse politely but firmly.

4. Try to meet people who are creative, constructive and full of ideas. Use their experience in the organization of time for example in their companies. Read books which are full of ideas on how to save time read my blog :) I’m sure soon you’ll find new ideas on how to save time.

5. Do not worry about things that did not work. It is a counterproductive waste of time. I know it’s difficult – but immediately get back to work and repair what could be repaired or start something new and constructive.

I like to spend my time in nice places. Szklarska Poreba, Poland.

6. Think about your work positively it helps to increase productivity and finish certain tasks faster everything is “in your mind“.
7. Respond to changes in your environment. Try out new solutions. If s new solution saves time, do not keep the old one just because of the idea of ​​following the original plan. Be flexible.
8. Think less about your work try to devote yourself to the actual action. Many people have a tendency for deep, long analyses of their decisions. Less thinking – more acting! Time is too precious!


Trying not to waste my time during a long journey…

9. Have you heard of the principle that 20% of your actions causes 80% results and 80% of operations gives only 20% of the effects? Identify those activities and focus on the precious 20%.
10. Find the weak links and eliminate them. (i.e. elements that can easily break down and bring you a great loss of time)

OK, Here we finished with new 10 tips 😉 Obviously I will try to find, describe and discuss new ones in the future, so stay tuned! If you like my blog please share it in the social media and tell your friends about it. Thanks in advance.