Lemon balm from a supermarket.

Zdjęcie-0154I quite often buy fresh herbs from supermarkets. They are sold in pots, I guest they are planted some semi-hydroponic farms and, in spite of the fact that the pot contains some soil, they are said to be a single-use. Still they are quite tasty and aromatic comparing to dry spices.

People I know just get rid of them after cutting and consuming all the leaves. I’ve tried to revive them, but failed a few times. However, finally…

I have planted two root sections of my lemon balm in the garden in the autumn and now, after winter months, you can see new stems and leaves.

So what is the conclusion? Give it new soil, give it time and if possible replant if in proper condition and finally you can enjoy aromatic herbs (free of charge…). Good luck and good night!