How to save money. Five examples of savings #2

Today I’ll write about some randomly chosen tips from my Polish blogs. I hope you’ll like them:

Spend less than you earn. It is the first golden rule of effective saving. Do not be tempted by credits and loans. When you contact banks and loan services finally you always loose. Somebody has to pay for banks’ luxury offices and glass buildings.

Do you really need the newest model of a laptop or a smartphone? After the launch period they quickly loose value. Buy more established and proven model of a device. Patience can bing you extra savings.

Invest your savings in a clever way. Education is always a good choice. Spend your money on getting additional professional certificate. Invest your money into learning a foreign language, etc.

Start a blog instead of spending too much time on Facebook. Your blog might be a popular sooner than you think and you will be able to earn some extra money. Don’t expect wonders, however. There are thousands competing blogs out there…

Reduce time which you spend watching TV. Find an interesting hobby instead. Sometimes hobbies change into a money-bringing business. One of my colleagues has earned 12000 thanks to his motorcycle hobby. Think about it.

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