Giving up coffee and sweet energy drinks.

I used to drink a lot of coffee as well as sweet drinks including energy drinks. Coffee from coffee machines and Red Bull is of course expensive, especially if you tend to drink a lot. Moreover, it is said to be unhealthy. Well, I felt tired and weak after the day “filled with caffeine”. Finally it didn’t help me at all.

Following the advice of my friend who had given up coffee and caffeine at all I stopped drinking it. The first week was a kind-of-difficult but now I have been functioning without caffeine for a long time, saving my money and health.


My friend had told me that after you got used to the lack of caffeine the psychological effect of drinking a glass of pure water would be the same as drinking coffee. It’s true, indeed.

In the picture you can see my “office set” of water, sometimes sparkling sometimes just still…

Coming to the conclusion: if you drink too much coffee and energy drinks, costing a lot and making you exhausted at the end of the day, just try to give it up.  After ca. 7 difficult days your body will start to function without caffeine and you will feel stronger.