Five express money saving tricks #3. Shopping.

Today we are going shopping. Have you ever thought how to save money then? Here you have the next five money saving tips.

1. Bargain and negotiate the price while you are in an open-air market. In many countries this is something natural. If bargaining is not against local customs – just learn it :-)

2. Negotiate the price when you pay in cash. In many private shops in Poland I can negotiate a 3-5% discount of the price if I do not use my credit card. This is a result of a high charge rate for cards imposed by banks.

3. Try to set the limit of your spending if you go shopping. It is  a simple but effective way of saving money. Of course it is easier when you do not take credit cards with you.


4. Try to look at the quality of the product not at the brand. Try to find good quality unbranded products or use some factory outlet for well established brands.

5. Avoid credits and borrowing money for your shopping. Instalments are never free. The bank earns on your financial needs.

…to be continued :-)