Cleaning supplies saving your money.

There are two ways of perceiving home cleanliness. One says that you have to clean your house to make it sterile, however many scientists and doctors say it’s not good for our health. I.e. using chloride-based cleaning supplies we kill all bacteria which finally causes more problems than just leaving the place dirty!

What happens if you kill all bacteria in your house? Your immune system does not find anything to fight with, then it starts to fight your body. You enter some self-destruction scheme that can result in allergy-based diseases or just lower immunity.


There is really a simple way of cleaning your house properly and without spending much money on (eventually) harmful cleaning supplies. Above you can see our way, namely malt vinegar and lemon. Vinegar  mixed with water cleans dirt and all sediments, lemon makes it smell nice. You can also use soap or soap based liquids to clean, however avoid antibacterial soap. Antibacterial soap used at home causes the same phenomenon as chloride based cleaning supplies.

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