Cheap cruise to Balos and Gramvousa?

During my last holidays in Kissamos, Crete, we were offered a trip to Balos and Gramvousa organized by our tour operator. The proposed price was 36 euro per adult and 18 Euro per child but we had already known that it was more profitable to buy tickets from a local Greek travel agency. The price we paid in the Balos Travel agency in the centre of Kissamos was 22 Euro per adult as well as 11 euro per Child.


Let’s calculate it. 90 Euro versus 55 Euro? Sounds nice, however you have to add the price of a taxi ride to the port which amounts to 5 Euro one way (it is really too far and uncomfortable to go to the port with a child). The alternative transport – namely a public bus – costs 1,80 per adult (one way).


Altogether the cost amounted to 65 Euro which was still 25 Euro less than the same trip organized by our tour operator.


This is something I have done many times during my numerous holidays – so if you want to save your money forget about proposals of the smiling resident in your hotel – go out and ask local people about more profitable offers – you will not regret it 😉

20140707_130428The trip was great… as you can see in the pictures. If you are in Kissamos or Chania in Crete you also must see the Balos lagoon.

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