Analog world? Do you really need a new computer?

Do we really need to follow the latest trends in home electronics, PCs, game consoles and all that fancy technology? Is it really necessary for home entertainment and for our kids? I am not so sure about it. Changing your PC every year or so, consumes your money, as technology goes further and your set after a year is worth 1/2 or 1/3 of its original value.


When my tablet broke down I had the idea of something a little bit old-fashioned in the contemporary digital world, something to make my child busy, so I came with this:

Zdjęcie-0495Haven’t you guessed yet what was one of our favourite tablet games?

Well, digital world, newest games, newest tablets are nice but… is it better to walk with a girlfriend on a beautiful Mediterranean beach or to sit on some dating website hitting the keyboard? Think about it :-)


OK, I see, you are still a computer enthusiast, like me. Do you know that you can still use second hand old computer and install a maintained and up-to-date system, namely Linux. The system contains up-to-date browsers and a lot pf programs including some games, perhaps not state-of-the-art ones but still interesting for children, for example Tux Racer… try it out and enjoy it!